Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Cut and Run President's War - Score Card

Mr. Cut and Run has failed to:
  • bring Osama bin Laden down
  • oust the Taliban from Afghanistan
  • secure Iraq
  • improve America's access to oil
  • reduce the power of the most retrograde elements of Islamic fundamentalism
  • keep the military force strong
He has managed to increase:
  • Halliburton's bottom line
  • anti-American sentiments in every corner of the globe
  • the national debt and the national deficit
  • the gap between rich and poor in America
  • the power of the most retrograde elements of Xtian fundamentalism
  • the rate of catastrophic inuries and mental illness in our veterans
The big winner of Bush's Forever War is, ironically enough, Iran.

For a much needed dose of sobriety, please check out James Wemberly's post on the inanity of House Resolution 861. He succinctly lays out what a real attack on terrorism would look like.


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