Monday, November 03, 2008


Haven't been hearing too much about this particular topic recently, have we?

After all the screaming about how The Precious was going to resolve Bush's War and bring the troops home and give us Peace In Our Time, which that evil war mongering Hitlery would never do, I haven't been hearing very much about these plans.

Maybe it's a little harder to be anti-war outside of the rarified environment of the University of Chicago? Maybe he never meant a word of it in the first place, but knew it was a great way to get the guilty Blogger Boyz to sign on, helping them atone for their original war support?

Maybe it was just a campaign tactic?

Ahem, can we have an answer to how The Precious is going to end our occupation of Iraq? That means everyone home ASAP, right? Right? How hard can it be for the guy everyone told me had all the answers?

When is The Precious bringing Ray home?


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