Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In the Alaska Senate contest, Begich has pulled slightly ahead of Stevens!

According to CNN, it is only a bare THREE VOTES.

He has come from behind being thousands of votes down. Everyone, keep fingers and toes crossed that the numbers keep going Mark Begich's way!

We're at 57 - Begich, Franken and Martin for 60! It can be done!


Update 11/14 - Begich's lead has opened up to over 800 votes now. If Stevens can be removed from the Senate, that would be so sweet.


sister of ye said...

60 can be done? So what.

Sorry, Dem leaders already made it clear that a filibuster-proof Dem Congress won't do anything to benefit people at my level. Different names, same game - dispensing benefits to their cronies, and the best we common folk can hope is that they prove a bit less greedy than the Republicans.

For me and others like me it'll be duck our heads and try to survive another 4-8 years, because the elected officials who are supposed to be responsive to us aren't listening and don't give a sh*t.

Glad the idea makes someone happy, though.

katiebird said...

While I suspect that Sister of Ye might be right, I'm still rooting for our filibuster-proof Democratic Senate.

Because my greatest dream is that we get Universal Health Care. And we might get something resembling it if we get that Super-dooper-majority this year.

And if that Fantastic-Majority DOESN'T give us UHC -- then I can walk away from the whole bunch of them once and for all.

My expectations are pretty low though. Hillary was/is the only Senator I know of who wants to put a cap on the percentage of income UHC should cost a family.

I'm also having amusing visions of the entire Democratic Caucus hiding behind one lone Republican.... "We could do so much if only we had more than 59 Senators" -- It sounds so silly.

Anonymous said...

I'm with both of you. Looking at the news this morning...the bailout news keeps getting worse. Unemployment claims are the same as 2001 and I see no end in sight. Companies, when not slashing payrolls, are slashing benefits. Violence appears on the rise in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and all I see on the news are minute by minute updates on Where Barack Is Now.

So, I share sister of ye's despair and I share katiebird's low expectations and second her worry that the Dems will continue to tell us Why Things Can't Be Done, instead of actually, you know, moving forward on a progressive agenda and pulling a few moderate Rs along with them.

Falstaff said...

Things aren't as promising as they might have been -- but they're better than they were. Sixty might not be enough to deliver nirvana (or single-payer), but it would still be better than 59, and 59 would be better than 58, and so on -- on any number of fronts. The simple ouster of Saxby Chambliss and Ted Stevens would cause me to smile.

Unknown said...

I no longer believe 60 is enough. I think we need publicly-funded campaigns before we'll ever get genuine UHC. Look how Medicare Part D turned out -- and I don't see anyone in Congress in a hurry to fix the problems with it.