Wednesday, November 05, 2008

House of Representative Updates

I like using a combination of the NYT Big Board and CNN's full state results. The first tells me where expectations were and provides an excellent overview of the condition of races, while CNN repotrs on party seat changes and allows me to see actual vote count.
Updated 11:12 PST:

CA 04: Open seat, Brown (D) is less than 500 votes behind McClintock with all precincts reporting. This will go to a recount.

CA 50: Called for Bilbray - no change of seat. (Bilbray (R) has 50% over Leibham with 100% reporting, so I'm not sure why this has not been called for Bilbray. This is a San Diego contest.)

ID 01: Called for Minnick. (Minnick is at 51% over incumbert Sali with 99% of precincts reporting. This would be a pickup.)

MI 07: Called for Schauer. This is a pickup.

NV 02: Called for Heller (R). Derby made a good run, but it was expected to stay R.

NV 03: Called for Titus. This is a pickup.

OH 01: Called for Driehaus. This is a pickup.

OH 15: Called for Stivers. No change of seat. (Stivers (R) ahead with 48%, Kilroy at 43%. 100% reporting, but still not called.)

OH 16: Called for Boccieri. This is a pickup.

VA 02: Called for Nye. This is a pickup.

VA 05: 50/50 with Perriello (D) a scant 119 votes ahead of Goode (R). This would be a major pickup as this was considered a safe Republican seat.

WA 08: 50/50 with Burner (D) 881 votes behind Reichart (R). Only 41% of precincts reporting. The district covers King County (Seattle) and Pierce County (Tacoma). The vote from Pierce County will favor Reichart and there are more precincts there to report, but King County favors Burner and has a larger population. This would be a pickup.


Update - There were 2 Louisiana districts that did not hold general elections yesterday due to the primaries being delayed by Hurricane Gustav. They ran their primaries yesterday instead. LA 02 is a strongly Democratic district and is not expected to go Republican. The Democratic candidate will be William J. Jefferson. LA 04 has been Republican, but is considered a toss-up, so may be a chance for one more seat. The contenders in December will be Paul Carmouche (D) and John Fleming (R).

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The Red Queen said...

Darcy Burner's district actually doesn;t cover Seattle. It overs the city to the east of us, Bellevue, which tends to be more conservative.

But... I'm hopeful. And Burner is pretty awesome.