Friday, November 21, 2008

Pandora's Box

So the NYT is saying that Hillary will be Secretary of State. I am, of course, intrigued and pleased by the prospect, but note that I won't believe it until the official announcement. Indeed, I won't actually believe it until the confirmation hearings are completed and she takes the oath of office.

What I expect to see for the next week is mass hysteria among the Whole Foods Nation crowd who won't accept that this can be a legitimate appointment. The CDS will get worse, not better. They will do everything in their power to try to derail the nomination.

I don't have time for a longer post this moment. If you have not been reading Bob Somerby this week, go there right now (he's linked in the sidebar) and read very carefully what he has to say about CDS. The opposition to HRC as Secretary of State is rooted in the green light Obama himself gave to using irrational hatred as an acceptable political tool against other Democrats. (And this is why BTD is wrong about the conduct of the campaign.) Somerby appears to be the only critical analyst around who understands the implications of this.

Obama opened Pandora's box, allowing the pestilence of right-wing CDS to set up shop in the heart of left politics.



Koshem Bos said...

I agree except for the CDS being planted in the left. Most of the Whole Food Nation is not left, never been and never will. Kos and Josh are cult-left which actually is dead center.

To be of the left you must have a left backbone. Every question should go through: is it good for the left filter and is it good for Obama hose.

Cordelia said...

If this is actually true then I feel Obama deserves some credit where it is due. And maybe, just maybe, the fact so many Democrats did not vote for him or voted for him holding their proverbial nose galvanized him out of his complacency that the liberal vote was his to take for granted, and that he could move to the right with impunity. Well, time will tell, but the talk of Hillary's nomination is about the first good thing to have come out of the prospective Obama administration.

Should Hillary become the Secretary of State, this would set up an interesting scenario of the "irresistible force (CDS) meets an immovable object (Obamalove) variety".

It is also interesting (to me, anyway) to note that, should Hillary get the job, this position will have been held by a member of a politically marginalized or underrepresented demographic by well over a decade, starting with Albright, through Powell, Rice, and now Hillary Clinton...

YAB said...

Yes, if Hillary is nominated, the media blood lust will get only worse.

For me, the key test for Obama will be his response. Will he just stand by and let her be eviscerated or will he step up and tell the media to stuff it?

What I fear is that he expects her to be trashed and plans to use that as an excuse to withdraw the nomination, probably after she leaves the Senate, thus removing her as a potential rival in any sense.

Yes, I know. It sounds really wingy. But I can't help it. I will never forget, and can never forgive, the misogyny of the primary and Obama's participation in it.

(Would somebody please explain to me how so many men married to professional women can still think women should be barefoot and pregnant?)

Elise said...

(Would somebody please explain to me how so many men married to professional women can still think women should be barefoot and pregnant?)

I think it's more that some men are horrified at the idea of losing a competition to a woman; hence the vitriol they direct at their female rivals. They are, however, perfectly comfortable with their own professional woman since she isn't competing with them - and may enhance their own status through both her image and her earnings.

Or perhaps it's simply that there are many different versions of the Madonna and whore dichotomy.

As for your "wingy" fears, YAB, I share them but prefer to believe I must be wrong - and hope to be proven so.

Unknown said...

I think we are in for some big changes. Never a fan of his I've gotta say he is hitting it out of the park almost every day, and....

With the Big Shitpile growing and stinking in everyone's living rooms the impetus for change is building to tsunami levels.

I also believe that the first 'news organization...' which fucks with Obama will be meeting Obamanation and that they woan like it much.