Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thanks, Precious

It looks like Prop 8 passed by a large margin.

One of the big advertising points for Prop. 8 was Obama saying he believed marriage should only be between a man and a woman. This was left in answering machine messages, broadcast in radio and TV ads, and primted up prominently on flyers. He said nothing to contradict the use of his name and words to put anti-gay bigotry into the California constitution.

Thanks, Precious, for helping bigots constitutionalize hate.


PS - As I write this, only 33% of precincts have been counted and the "NO" vote is growing, but the odds of it being defeated are very, very slim. Please refer to this interactive map on the LA Times for Prop 8 and other initiative results.


cutepeachpanda said...

OMG. Yes, I just mentioned this on my blog. I admitted to being happy that the Democrats were going to take back the White House for a minute despite everything Obama had done. Then I read about THIS. In a state where Obama won by over 55%, Proposition 8 passed. What does that tell you about "Democrats"?

Stella said...

Not yet, the big counties are not in yet.
I got a call with the precious and a call from Bill to vote against it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and he didn't do much for down-ticket races either.

I'll be putting up some Nevada numbers within a day.

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

I've been watching it and it does not look good for 8. 4 is making me nervous as well, even though it is beginning to pick up.

I didn't get a call from anyone, but Yes on 8 signs were everywhere today.

Anonymous said...

No on 8 was run badly solely by the gay community without asking for support of other communities. In exchanges with a gay friend living in LA, we agreed that the wounds were, at least, partially self inflicted.

Anonymous said...

Did you see who voted Yes?


Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

The gutlessness and the incoherence of Obama's and the Democratic party's position on marriage equality is unconscionable. If 8 passes, and it now seems clear that it will, Obama has done something unforgivable before he is even sworn into office as far as I'm concerned. How dare he invoke gays and lesbians in his victory speech. Thanks for the token gesture, Your Hopeness.

Kerri said...

Huh! And I was thinking this morning that Obama had no coattails. Guess I was wrong.

Redstar said...

I saw a link at Shakesville that he did release a statement saying he did not support Prop 8, but I think he did this on Monday. Whatever his action, it was too little, too late, given his qualified support for marriage equality.