Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Are *So* History, Joanie

I've had a long and wearing day, so I won't be doing much braining, but I had to provide this double dose of Doonesbury. I was raised on equal amounts of Doonesbury and Tom Lehrer (which explains a lot about my political philosophy, no doubt) and Joanie Caucus has always been one of my favorite characters. She has always been a voice for feminism in the comics. The strips documenting her attempt to apply for law school were both comical and enraging. Earlier this year, while imagining a Hillary presidency, Joanie dreamed of being named Attorney General.

This week, Trudeau has been poking sly fun at Obamacan maniacs suddenly deprived of their election drug, but just tossed in a wonderful twist.

Alex Doonesbury, Joanie's granddaughter, is in major Obama withdrawal, as she discusses with her roommate, Drew. To cure the pangs, she attends a political science class where the professor is looking at pre-Hillary female politicians. Alex suddenly gets an education in American political history. (Click the image for the full sized version. I'm not sure why Blogger is shrinking this.)

Maybe Alex will find a political hero closer to home.


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