Friday, November 14, 2008

Fire Season in California

Yup, we're still on alert down here. Drier and windier weather forecast for the weekend. This is the Tea fire burning in the hills above Santa Barbara.


Nath said...

Tea fire? Who comes up with these names?

Anglachel said...

It started in a historic home called the Tea House.

Unknown said...

Do you live in Santa Barbara Anglachel? I do. Last night was pretty scary here. I was under evacuation alert. The winds were 75 miles per hour and the fire was headed my way. Thankfully the winds died down before I had to leave. Didn't sleep much though.

hesperia said...

Jeebus! That looks terrible. I love Santa Barbara - well - I haven't been there for thirty-five years, lol, but I USED to love it! Stay safe out there.

Anglachel said...


No, I'm in San Diego, not Santa Barbara, and I live in a fire-resistant area. The fires around here are usually north or south of where I am.

I have fingers crossed that the winds stay down and they can contain the Tea fire. The LA Times article indicated that the fire fighters think they can contain it today, but news changes fast with fires this big.

Stay safe,