Saturday, November 08, 2008

Election Update

House races

  • Sadly, Darcy Burner has conceded in WA 08. She kept it close and Dems should target that district in 2010.
  • Kratovil has won MD 01.
  • VA 05 remains undecided, with Perriello (D) ahead by a scant 646 votes.
  • CA 04 is not loking good for Charlie Brown (D). He's down by 889 votes, but has not yet conceded.
  • AK 01 looks like it will remain in Republican hands.

Senate Races

  • Alaska - Stevens is definitely in trouble. There are thousands of absentee ballots yet to be counted and they are expected to deliver more votes to Begich. In addition, some Senate Republicans are already asking for him to be kicked out during the lame duck session. This is extremely good news. We will get this seat sooner rather than later.
  • Minnesota - Franken keeps creeping up in the numbers. Now the gap is in the low 200s. It should never have been this close.
  • Georgia is going to a run-off election. Can we say GET OUT THE VOTE? Every spare dime in the Democratic coffers needs to be dumped into that race. Yes, it's a long shot, but worth the investment.


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Teresa said...

Also, in the house, OH 15 is undecided. Mary Jo Kilroy (D) is down 149 with 27,000 ballot still uncounted. There will probably also be a recount leaving this undecided until December.