Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cabinet Guesses

Provide your best guesses for what Republicans The Precious will have as part of his cabinet in the comments.

Inspired by this post from Susie at Suburban Guerilla - Not Cheering Me Up.



Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

Wouldn't it help heal our partisan wounds if we kept the current Cabinet intact?

Don't those bickering Democrats owe that to the aggrieved rightwing?

harpie said...

I know I'm late...didn't watch/listen/read anything last night...

About appeasing the Gops- -what? no "You lost, so GET OVER IT!!!"??

This is how I felt yesterday about the deeply depressing "Emperiled Opportunity" post [when I the comment wouldn't go through]:

Oh, groan…this feels so much like one of those endless nightmares that you can’t seem to wake up from, with the same faceless, nameless, menacing presence lurking just within the shadows but too amorphous to grasp and strangle…the kind in which the recurring horrific outcome occurs in slow motion every single time and there’s nothing the dreamer can do to change a thing about it.

Still feel that way...

Thanks for giving me a place to vent, Anglachel. You have been a rock for me.